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Yumi believes in DREAMers

Four years after showing up for an OFA rally outside Sen. Jeff Flake’s Tucson office, Yumi Wong is making a real difference in the lives of Arizona DREAMers. Her passion for helping DREAMers springs from a painful period in her life. She says that “comprehensive immigration reform is quite personal for me."
undefinedYumi moved from New York City to Tokyo at the age of 15. Although her parents are Japanese, Yumi felt completely adrift in her new home. “Society was not kind because I looked Japanese, but inside, I was anything but.” Now, Yumi is devoted to helping people going through a similar ordeal.

Taking action with OFA, she's fighting for reform. And, by volunteering with allied organizations, Yumi helps residents directly with naturalization applications at citizenship clinics, and assists DREAMers navigate a complex system at Keep Tucson Together clinics.

“Before OFA, I felt powerless,” she said. “Not anymore. OFA made me believe in the power of me—and more importantly, in the power of we. Accomplishing social change with like-minded friends is exhilarating!”

Our broken immigration system doesn't just affect individuals. This is an issue that hurts entire communities, and our economy. It's time for Congress to follow through on the President's actions and pass comprehensive reform.

Join Yumi in making a difference for communities across the country. Say you stand by the President's actions on immigration reform:

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