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YouthRise for Obama in Detroit


This weekend, fall fellow Jonathan M. organized his peers to phonebank for more youth volunteers in the Metro Detroit office.

Despite being being too young to vote yet, Jonathan is the youngest Fall Fellow organizing here in Michigan for 2012. He’s passionate about organizing other young Americans around the President’s agenda, and getting neighbors to vote in his community. He describes a recent moment in recruiting new volunteers:

Nearly two weeks ago, I was at a bus stop in Detroit, and came across 3 high school sophomores who attended Henry Ford High School, arguably one of the toughest schools in the city. Remembering that you never know when you'll meet someone who's extremely eager to volunteer, I took a risk, and sparked up a conversation with the young men. The results could not have been better. Every low expectation I had set for young people—, the exact kind I want to fight against—, had instantly vanished. I sat at that bus stop in Detroit for an hour talking with three fifteen year old young men about the American Jobs Act, the President's policy in Afghanistan and unemployment benefits among many other topics.

Inspired by Jonathan’s story and ready to organize in your community? Sign up and join us today.

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