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You're Invited to a State of the Union Watch Party

Want to watch the State of the Union next week? Don’t want to do it alone?

Then join with folks in your community for a watch party on Tuesday to hear the President lay out his agenda and then plan for how you’ll build this campaign locally in the coming months.

This year ahead of us is going to be a big one. What we can accomplish between now and then depends on how well we grow this organization today. It’s going to take all of us working together—which is why people throughout New Jersey are stepping up to plan watch parties. Here are what a few of them had to say about why they’re organizing events on Tuesday and why you should join in:

“Come be with those who will support President Obama in his re-election effort. There will be great company, great conversation, and great fun. We're getting together to watch the 2012 State of the Union and to celebrate our work so far. We have a lot of work to do, but working together, we can build teams in our community to stand with our President and other Democrats. Now, more than ever, your voice is needed to determine our country's future.” Eric, Camden County
“I'm 61 years old and I'm convinced that this is the most important election of my lifetime. The issue is whether we are going to continue on a path with a leader who has, under difficult circumstances, made substantial progress in turning our economic challenges around or whether we will return to failed policies that got us into this mess in the first place. I also want to re-elect a President we can all be proud of.” Ron, Livingston, NJ
“We're fired up and ready to go. This is a moment where we need to unite behind a vision that inspires and a plan that works. Enough of sitting on the sidelines and being misinformed. So, let's come together to celebrate our progress and figure out how we can make a difference in our communities and the country.” Mohan, Bergen County
Join your fellow Garden Staters on Tuesday, January 24 to hear the President’s State of the Union address and get organized in your community—find a watch party near you here
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