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Young Californians for Obama


All across California, young people are getting involved to help re-elect President Obama. From affordable student loans to improved access to health care, there’s a lot at stake this November. These four young Californians believe that by volunteering they can make a difference in whether or not we have four more years of progress. Alon, Nicholas, Elena, and Brandon love volunteering for the President, and they think you would too.

I love volunteering because of the people I meet. I get to work with wonderful people, hear their stories, find out why they volunteer, and learn from them everyday. –Alon A.
I’m not of voting age so volunteering is really the best way I can support the President. When I’m on the phone with a voter in a battleground state, I feel like I have the chance to get my voice heard through someone else. –Nicholas O.
I support the President because I know he supports me as a student. I want to be able to have more affordable student loans and stay on my parent’s health coverage for longer, and that’s why I volunteer. –Elena R.
Volunteering creates a special bond between people. Everybody is working together towards the same goal. We’re working to achieve something bigger than ourselves.—Brandon L.

Learn more about what President Obama has done for young people, and sign up to volunteer in your area today.

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