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Young Americans Stand with President Obama in Maryland

Over the last few months, we’ve been hearing from Washington that students are no longer interested in politics, and that many of them have grown apathetic. Across the country we’ve been making personal calls, holding 1-on-1 meetings, talking to our neighbours, and we’ve all found one thing: young people definitely still care.

Here in Maryland it’s no different. Students across the state decided to meet up last week to talk about the President’s accomplishments, and how to organize on behalf of the reelection campaign.
Take a look at just a few of the meetings that took place....

Morgan State

“Here at Morgan, we had an intimate discussion session with Delegate Mary Washington, where she talked about the importance of student organizing in 2008, and how to move forward.”
-Dorian B. Campus Organizer

Hood College

“Our meeting last night brought together so many active students! I can’t believe that even after the meeting was over, I was still receiving text messages from fellow students with more ideas!”
-Zeppa K. Campus Organizer


Loyola University

“A good group of us got together to discuss how Loyola students were going to get President Obama reelected, as well as the American Jobs Act and what the President is doing to put us back on track.” -Zach R. Campus Organizer

mary washington

University of Maryland- College Park

“The ‘Terps’ banded together last night, where we decided how we were going to set up our group to reelect the President, as well began planning fun community outreach events for the season.” -Scott T. Campus Organizer

Well, there you have it! If you happen to be a young American wanting to learn more, or get involved in the campaign, be sure to check this page out. If not, then we’ve got you covered. Click here for all the latest news, as well as take a look at President Obama’s accomplishments!

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