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“You’d be amazed by how much you still don’t know.”

Each one teach one meeting

When it comes to organizing in Lansing, Michigan, President Obama’s accomplishments remain at the core of every conversation volunteers have with voters.

“The key,” co-team leader James Marshall explains, “is knowing how to talk about those accomplishments in a way that motivates that voter to take action.”

Team Lansing decided that having a monthly conversation on the President’s signature policies would not only bring in prospective volunteers—but also make team members more effective messengers.

Phone bank coordinator Juana Gonzales:

“We get questions all the time on the phone about health care, or what you need to register to vote. While we can provide those voters with follow-up resources, it’s even better when you can answer those questions yourself—and what they mean in a personal way.”

The “Each One Teach One” series has invited local policy experts and fellow volunteers to lead a discussion on topics like the Affordable Care Act, student loan reform, and voter education.

Full room for an each one teach one meeting

Co-team leader Edwina Marshall has learned a lot from these discussions:

“You’d be amazed by how much you still don’t know when it comes to what this President has done for us. It makes this team even more energized to have conversations with those voters who might just be more motivated to enter the voting booth on November 6th if they know what Barack Obama has done for seniors, veterans, and young people alike.”

The team sees voter education as one of the most crucial conversations they will have with friends and neighbors through November 6th.

“First and foremost, we have to be experts on the laws here in state so we can ensure each and every member of our community has the ability to cast a ballot.”

James, Edwina, and the team will be talking to voters all the way until election day—get involved with the campaign where you are by joining your neighborhood team.

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