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“You Will Learn So Much”

Vicky, D.C. Summer Organizer

Want to play a key part in this campaign? We’re looking for hard-working, talented people to apply for our Fall Fellowship Program starting this September. Our fall fellows will build on the work of our current class of summer organizers, growing this campaign in their communities and on college campuses around the country.

Victoria, a summer organizer in Washington D.C., couldn’t recommend the experience more:

“Being a summer organizer has taught me how to be more organized, persistent, structured, manage my time and other people, build a successful event from absolutely nothing, advocate, recruit, and tell my personal story regarding how much President Obama has changed my life for the better.”

Victoria signed up to be a summer organizer to help reconnect voters with the political process:

“What happens in our government makes a difference in the lives of every person in this country, yet so many people have been locked out of being civically engaged. I love talking to people about how they are affected by policy and politics and how they can make sure that both serve their best interests.”

Now that she’s approaching the end of her time as a summer organizer, Victoria is already thinking about how she can apply her newfound skills in her future work, organizing community support for a new LGBT resource center on her college's campus.

If you’re thinking of applying to be a fall fellow, Victoria has this to say:

“You will learn so much about yourself and your capacity to be committed to a cause. You will meet amazing people... If you don't apply, I can guarantee that you will regret not taking the chance. The Obama campaign is only as great as its organizers.”

So what are you waiting for? You can apply online here, or pass the link on to someone you know who could be great.

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