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“You never know how far your voice will carry”


Sarah calls supporters at her first phone bank!

At the Summer Organizer Training it was stressed time and time again that relationship building is the number one most important part of being a community organizer. It seemed like such a daunting task two weeks ago. We need to not only build relationships with the other summer organizers, but also go into our turf and build relationships with hundreds of people . However by the end the second week of work here in NH, you can already see evidence of the relationships and connections we have made.

“Have you talked to ________? She’s been really involved.”

“Yes, actually! I just talked to her on the phone yesterday!”

.And then you have a small group of people in the community who want to get together and phonebank with you.

“Can I bring a few friends to this one-on-one? I think they’d be really interested in helping."

“Definitely! I’d love to get together with whoever wants to be there!”

Subsequently it turns out that several of those people have already talked to other summer organizers and just can’t turn down an opportunity to get involved and talk, which leads to your first GPS.

It’s amazing to see all of these connections forming throughout the towns we’ve been working in for only two weeks. It’s exciting every time you begin a relationship with one person and it leads to three more. This once daunting task has quickly been shifted to be a fun opportunity. It’s only been two weeks, and all over the state and the country we’ve begun to accomplish exactly what we set out to do. I guess it all goes back to the power of one voice; One voice reaches another, which reaches three more, then five, then ten, and before you know it we’ve built the entire country up into one community filled with solid relationships and teams. So I guess one of the most important, effective, and fun things I can ask anyone to do is to reach out and talk to someone else. You never know how far your voice will carry.

If you want to find out what we’re doing across the state, check out our events page, browse our “I’m In” photo album on facebook, tweet us or email us.

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