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“You Have to Give People a Reason”

Sometimes it helps to get advice straight from a pro. Riley, a college freshman in Iowa, is on his way to becoming an expert grassroots fundraiser. Even though he’s currently taking courses for three different majors—politics, international studies, and Spanish—and volunteering for his local field office in Dubuque, he still finds time to ask people to contribute to his page.

“When I reach out to people to ask them to donate, I try to make the campaign relatable for them. I bring up an issue that’s important to that person, or to the community, just to make sure they know why the election matters. You have to give people a reason to donate. These days, people have to have a good reason to give even five dollars.”

Things are busy in the Dubuque office at the moment, with the Iowa caucuses less than three weeks away. Volunteers and organizers are making phone calls, knocking on doors, and raising money. Here’s why Riley is doing a bit of all three:

“There are too many reasons to be involved this campaign—it’s hard to pick just one. But I think that rebuilding the middle class is such a major issue right now. It matters to everyone.”

Ready to join Riley and start your own grassroots fundraising campaign? All you need to do is set up your page and you’re good to start.

And if you need some inspiration, check out these tips to get the ball rolling.

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