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You could be an OFA Fellow

A year ago, I didn't know I'd be a grassroots organizer. But thanks to the OFA fellowship program, here I am, so much better prepared to make a difference on the issues I care about.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to dig into progressive issues. If you know someone who sounds like a good fit, encourage them to apply here—or even fill out an application yourself.

Through my work with OFA, I've been able to get involved in two of the fights that really matter to me: the Stand with Women campaign and immigration reform.

What's been especially meaningful to me is the ability to meet people where they are—I'm bilingual, so when I go out and knock on doors and talk to folks about the work we're doing, I know how important it is to do it in the language they're most comfortable with. And because these issues directly affect my community—mis amigos y mis vecinos—I've picked up invaluable skills in moving folks to take action.

Pretty cool, right? The fellows program is competitive, so make sure anyone you know who's interested gets their application in soon. Every person who is interested should apply, and multicultural and bilingual folks who are excited to put their skills to use in communities across the country are especially encouraged to get involved.

Apply right now, or pass this along to someone who may be interested.

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