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You can't pass this up—be an organizing fellow

I heard that folks across the country have a chance right now to apply to be summer organizing fellows. As someone who's been a fellow before, I have to tell you: You can't pass this up.

When I was a fellow last year, I got to be on the frontlines, learning how to do the organizing work that the President's grassroots campaign is recognized for.

And it led me to my job today as a regional field director for Organizing for America in Dallas, Texas.

Crazy as it seems to me now, I almost didn't apply to be a fellow. I had another gig lined up already and thought my plans were all set. But a friend forwarded me the link to apply and told me, "Let's do this." So I did.

I have a lot of amazing memories—all the friends I made, some unforgettable calls with supporters, late nights in the office, and getting to see President Obama speak in Dallas last October.

As a fellow, it was my job to recruit all the reliable, passionate volunteers I could to join local teams. Then I trained them on the skills they needed to continue planning events in their hometowns. Once those grassroots teams were built, we went to work together—making calls, walking blocks in neighborhoods, and talking to friends and family about President Obama's record and the accomplishments of other Democrats.

I'm not going to lie: The day-to-day out in the field as a fellow can be tough sometimes. These positions are unpaid, and you'll work a lot of hours. But I learned to power through long call shifts by staying focused on how rewarding the work was—and with a little help from coffee and takeout.

Our movement is built by this work—and as a fellow you'll be right there making it happen.

My friend's enthusiasm got me to apply—and I hope mine gets you to do the same and come be a part of all the important work we've got to do together before November 6th.

If you're interested, let us know now—and we'll be in touch with next steps.


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