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Yesterday's Salem Patch

There is so much at stake this November for all of us. Now that we are fewer than 90 days to Election Day it is a critical time to think about what is at stake for each and everyone of us.

Yesterday, the Salem Patch covered a story on a local registered Republican woman that we wanted to make sure you saw:

"A local registered Republican said on a Wednesday conference call she cannot support Mitt Romney's presidential bid because of her party's stance on women's health.”

Tammy Perron, the local registered Republican women was not only concerned about Romney’s stance on women’s health but the entire Affordable Care Act:

"On the conference call, Perron lambasted Romney's pledge to repeal the health care bill."

Under Romney’s leadership, insurance companies would be able to refuse to cover people with preexisting conditions, cancel people’s coverage when they got sick, or charge women more than men.

President Obama has proven that he is a strong advocate for women and a defender of the issues that are important to women and their families. From fair pay to education and access to quality health care, the President’s agenda showcases his commitment to provide security to working and middle class families. See the Presidents record on women's health and join Women for Obama.

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