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Yesterday's Nashua Telegraph got it right

We wanted to make sure you saw this story from yesterday's Nashua Telegraph about President Obama's middle class tax cuts.

The Telegraph reports that the President's plan means a $2,200 cut for 500,000 middle class Granite State households:

""President Barack Obama's re-election campaign put New Hampshire numbers behind its claim that the White House plan for taxes would extend an average $2,200 cut for 500,000 middle class residents in the state."

Mitt Romney would literally do the opposite. Not only would he make the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires permanent, but:

"Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney's plans for the federal tax code would raise taxes for the middle class in the Granite State by 1,000 or more to pay for retaining tax cuts for wealthier residents."

Romney's entire economic outlook is to double down on the failed policies that caused the recession we're now recovering from. Romney's ideas aren't the solution–they are the very definition of the problem.

New Hampshire needs the President's leadership. The President believes in a level playing field, where everyone plays by the same rules, and everyone pays their fair share.

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