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Yes, I Can Make A Difference

In 2008, I awakened with the knowledge that, yes, I could make a difference. The 2008 presidential campaign was filled with hope and excitement, and I was energized and eager to participate, pulling my daughter and my then 6 and 7-year-old granddaughters along. Even today, my heart swells and my eyes tear with joy at the memory of Inauguration Day 2009. And then I went back to "sleep," merrily going about my daily life, confident that we had elected a president who would do right by us.

Fast forward to the summer of 2010--mid-term elections and the results we saw from those races. I received a wake up call. I was frightened about what was going on, and more importantly, I realized that I needed to stop living in my own little world and get out there to support President Obama in whatever way I could. And so I made a commitment to myself to be part of the force that would work to keep our democracy not only safe, but strengthen it.

Volunteers registering voters at Rio Grande High School

That is the story of the beginning of my journeys an OFA Summer Organizer, and now a Fall Fellow.

When I signed up for the Summer Organizer program, truthfully, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. Now, as I step into the Fall Fellowship program, I am excited because I am still keeping that commitment that I made more than a year ago. I won't sugarcoat it: being a Summer Organizer was intense work and at times I was overwhelmed, but it was always rewarding and I expect no less of the Fall Fellows program.

During the course of the Summer Organizer program, I had the opportunity to talk to many people about the President and about the current issues and challenges facing each of us in our daily lives. The important thing I took away from being a Summer Organizer is that many people feel their voice is insignificant - that what they want, what they need-- their frustrations and concerns do not count. In being a Summer Organizer, and now a Fall Fellow, I have been able to help people realize that they do have a voice - that their vote is their voice - and that they can be involved and active in many ways to help other people get involved.

"Democracy depends on you. Tag you're it!" says Thom Hartmann as he signs off the air. We are in a situation where our democracy is at stake and it does depend on people willing to be on the front line keeping it safe. Will you join me as part of President Obama's team in the Organizing for America New Mexico Fall Fellowship program? Together we can engage and motivate people in our communities to support President Obama and Democratic candidates who will keep our democracy safe.

Are you "In" for 2012? Come by our office to see how to get involved and meet with one our Fall Fellows today. We have events going on throughout the year and you can find them here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. For more information send us an email at [email protected].

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