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Xavier Student on Getting Involved


Mellisa is an Xavier University student. She talks about how a little bit of persistence goes a long way in getting people -- including herself-- involved and engaged.

I was recruited to help register voters in New Orleans at the Essence Music Festival. After I completed my shift I was thanked for volunteering and asked if I would be willing to volunteer again. I explained that I was busy with school and that I also worked.

The next day, I received an email from the State Director thanking me for volunteering and inviting me to a volunteer celebration event. I wasn’t able to attend so I sent a response letting her know.

About a week later, I received a call from a summer organizer asking me if I would be interested in hosting a voter registration event on campus at Xavier University for the National Day of Action. She let me know that she volunteered at the Essence Music Festival, too, and was preparing to host a voter registration drive herself.

I was asked when was a good time for me come into the office for a one-on-one conversation. I found myself at the headquarters about an hour later having that one-on-one conversation and then walking out the door with a full package to host a voter registration event on my campus. My packet included voter registration forms, “I’m In” cards, posters, markers, and instructions.

I’m looking forward to getting my friends involved.

Getting involved is easy. Take it from Melissa.

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