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Come to Ohio

Neighbors pitching in to support President Obama is what our grassroots campaign is all about. Now, with 55 days left until Election Day, I'm asking West Virginians like you to bring your strength and enthusiasm over to Ohio to lend a hand alongside organizers here.

Watch our new video about why Ohio matters this fall, then pledge to come out to Ohio—for a day, a week, or through November 6th.

We've been organizing hard here in Ohio, but there's a lot more we can do if you and other folks from West Virginia come knock on doors, register voters, and help get communities across Ohio ready to vote. As a key battleground state, Ohio's 18 electoral votes are going to play a huge role in this election. We'll need everyone fired up and ready to go if we're going to repeat our success in 2008.

At the Democratic National Convention, our speakers like Governor Ted Strickland and Columbus legislator Joyce Beatty talked about the values important both to Ohioans and to West Virginians: Jobs here at home and opportunities for everyone to succeed.

Now it's your chance to reach out. Pledge to come out to Ohio, and we'll take care of the rest, connecting you with the volunteer opportunities that can make the biggest difference on the ground:

Come to Ohio
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