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Wrap up: New Hampshire's Student Day of Action

Students and young people here in New Hampshire are one of the most politically powerful groups of people in the country right now. The election is going to be close, and you're going to decide it. That's exactly why it was so amazing to see student activists at five of New Hampshire's biggest colleges spend their Saturday this past weekend organizing to re-elect Barack Obama, collecting hundreds upon hundreds of pledges from their folks on campuses to register to vote, then cast that vote for the President.

Flip through the slideshow up to get a glimpse of what went on at Keene State, UNH, Plymouth State, Dartmouth, and St. A's.

The team that's coming together here is amazing, but we need you on it. We can't win this without your active involvement. If you're interested, let us know. Sign up for New Hampshire Students for Barack Obama right now.

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