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“Wouldn’t Trade This for the World”

A typical day for Jenni Gallagher, a stay-at-home mom and super neighborhood team leader in Blacksburg, Virginia, starts at the crack of dawn. A mother of two boys and a girl, 8, 5 and 1-year-old, respectively, she gets her sons off to school on time, runs errands, and leads an all-volunteer team of grassroots Obama supporters.

While her 1-year-old daughter naps, Jenni, 35, schedules 1-on-1 meetings with new volunteers, makes recruitment calls, and answers emails. In the afternoon, when Jenni’s husband and sons get home, it’s family time, which entails helping her sons with their homework, dinner, and playing at the neighborhood park. Once or twice a week, her kids accompany her to a team phone bank, voter registration drive and/or team meeting. After tucking her kids into bed, Jenni hits the keyboard to enter data and answer emails from her team and other campaign volunteers. This kind of day might be enough to make one dizzy, but according to Jenni, she “wouldn’t trade this for the world.”

As a stay-at-home mom, I love being able to do things with my kids and be able to support President Obama at the same time. I bring the kids with me to events, I teach them how to get involved in the community, and participate in government. I took my oldest son to the phone bank last week, and was sure he was horribly bored. I asked, ‘Jack, was that boring for you?’ His eyes lit up and he yelled, ‘No, that was so fun!”

On why Jenni supports President Obama, she says that there are more reasons than she can express, but the most important issue for her is education.

Having an education background myself, I appreciate that President Obama gets that education is vital to the future of this country. He also understands that, in order to make that possible, college must be more affordable for everybody. I know that President Obama is working hard to make my sure my kids—and children across the country—have the opportunity make their dreams come true. I do what I do for my kids.

In 2008, Jenni was not involved in the campaign. Back then, she told herself that she was too busy with kids, she didn’t know the issues, and that she was too shy to ever get involved. This time around, it’s a different story:

Kids or no kids, I’m doing this. If [President Obama] didn’t win, and I hadn’t done everything I could have done to support him, I would never forgive myself. I thought of a thousand reasons to not do it, but the one reason you should do it now is that it’s a life-changing experience and so important for our children's future. For moms in general, it’ s a great way to be part of your community—truly one of the best, most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it’s been for our family.

Thank Jenni for her hardwork as a mother and a neighborhood team leader in the comments below, and then start your own life-changing experience by joining the team.

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