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"Wouldn’t be anywhere else”

This weekend, we continued building our movement with the opening of our first Southwestern Virginia office in Blacksburg, Virginia. Nearly 150 supporters came out to celebrate the new campaign office and to hear from former First Lady of Virginia Anne Holton about the importance of our commonwealth in this election.

Here’s what some of our supporters had to say about what’s inspired them to step up and volunteer:

“I’m here with my sister and my granddaughter and I wouldn’t be anywhere else. I got a call a few months ago asking me to volunteer and I figured it would be a great way to meet people and get involved in my community.”
–Mary, Blacksburg
“As a student, I’m a huge supporter of the President’s student loan reform. I can’t risk someone playing games with my interest rates, that’s something that can cost me—and so many others—thousands of dollars.”
–Charles, Bradford
“I was never a political person, but it’s just too important not to get involved this year. With everything that’s happening, with healthcare and the economy in particular, I had to get involved. As a nurse, I see how devastating being uninsured can be, so I’m also a huge supporter of the Affordable Care Act.”
–Carolyn, Blacksburg
“I never considered myself a feminist, but we can’t go backwards. That’s why, now more than ever, with everything that is happening on women’s issues, I feel it’s so important that I get involved.”
–Jessica, Woman for Obama, Blacksburg

Are you ready to join our volunteers and become a part of our movement in your community? Sign up today.

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