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Working to Keep His Mother's Dream Alive


Call it serendipity or prescience, but my first awareness of President Barack Obama came about because of my mother. A loyal Democrat since President Kennedy, I remember her tuning in to the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I happened to be in the next room fixing her computer when she excitedly called for me to come watch the man on the screen. While I tried to explain that I was up to my eyeballs in software glitch fixes, she insisted: "You have to come see this man." I pulled myself away from the computer and sat with her.

Immediately, I too was mesmerized. The speaker was a senator I'd never heard of, but he was impassioned. He had charisma. You felt his sincerity. That was what my mother wanted me to see -- the "everything" that she saw. She could spot a good person from fifty yards away and immediately feel a bond with them. As then Senator Obama's keynote speech grew in intensity, I saw something I'd not seen before in her. It was the passion she'd once felt for a young Senator named John Kennedy.

My mom announced that we had just shared an important moment together, one that would in fact go down in history. She wiped a tear from her eye. She said that man, I'm not even sure she knew his full name at the time, should and indeed would one day become President of the United States. Quite honestly, I laughed out loud. Yes, she'd always shown this uncanny sense of things to come, but never had I thought any thing so far fetched. I proceeded to let her know she had lost her mind this time; that no matter how far she thought we had come in this country, America was not ready to elect Barack Obama. It just couldn't happen. The American Dream wasn't there yet.

My mom passed away in 2006. When the 2008 primaries began, I remembered my mother's almost clairvoyant observation. When Barack Obama won the Presidency, I knew my mom’s dream had come true. That is the very important reason I volunteer for President Obama now -- to keep my mother’s dream alive.

Join me, and together we will help President Obama win in 2012.

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