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Working from our 1600 Penn address to keep the President in his!

Last week, we proudly opened our new field office in Indianapolis. Over 360 excited Indiana supporters poured into our office, ready to meet each other and our neighborhood team leaders—and learn our plan to organize for the President in 2012.

“I am excited to see all the great change that President Obama has done, and have a leader who is committed to getting goals accomplished,” said Justin B. at the field office opening in Indianapolis on Thursday. Volunteers and supporters came out to show their support for the campaign and learn more about local efforts to re-elect our president. Friends who had not seen each other since volunteering for Obama in 2008 re-united to hear local democratic officials speak. Special guests included the regional field director for Indiana, Chelsey Wininger, and Congressman André Carson.

The crowd was fired up about getting involved in the campaign and about our swanky new office, which is fittingly located on the corner of 16th street and Pennsylvania Avenue, in Indianapolis. They showed their excitement by signing our “Are you in?” chalkboard wall and meeting with their neighborhood team leaders. Jason C. commented on the new office, saying, “OFA has been working so hard to get Obama on the ballot, now that we have a home office, it’s all coming together!”

The packed event brought a diverse group of people together, all for the Obama re-election effort. If one thing can be drawn from the field office opening, it is that Indiana is fired up and ready to put Obama back in office for four more years. The office is now open and fully operating.

Stop by to see our new home at 111 East 16th Street and learn how you can join us!
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