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Women to Women in Hampton

Last week, the Obama administration announced historic new guidelines to ensure women stay healthy throughout their lives. New initiatives under the Affordable Care Act remove cost sharing requirements for things such as mammograms, screenings for cervical cancer, and contraceptive.

These new guidelines affect women across the country and across New Hampshire and we wanted to get the word out. Susan K. of Hampton held a “women to women” phonebank in her home to bring together women volunteers to reach out to other women across the state and let them know about the changes.


“This is great news for women everywhere –so we’re asking folks today to share the news with their friends and family.” Carol C. came out to Susan’s phonebank for the first time because she cares about women’s health. Also joining them was Sarah M., a recent summer organizer who wants to keep working in her community. The group was able to let supporters in Hampton know about the President’s strong commitment to healthcare.


Would you like to learn more about these updates that will mean women will no longer have to choose between financial and physical health? Check out our resource center here. You can also help spread the word by joining us for an event in your community.

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