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Women to Women – Fighting to Amplify Our Message & Protect Our Progress

Though the Summer Program has ended, and Emily, our 15 year old Summer Organizer has started back to school, she jumped up when we learned help was needed to get the word out about new health care provisions. I remember the fight for health reform. It was tough – and we have so much to be proud of and protect. New provisions like the one that levels the playing field between women and men, and ensures women finally get preventative care without additional costs silently rolled out last week with little news coverage, of course.

I cannot thank enough the women who showed up tonight and decided that the intensity of their work would be proportionate to what they feel is at stake. Because they decided to stand up we amplified our message locally, found new friends & volunteers, and ensured that the only side wasn’t the only voice heard.

If we believe in health care – we’ve got to stand up for it, tonight many of you did and should be proud! Join them by taking action right now:

Meet a couple of our new friends who joined us tonight!

“I’m in because the President needs our help protecting the Affordable Care Act. The more people know about benefits like this new provision allowing women to receive preventative care without additional costs is just the kind of change I voted for. I know I need to fight to protect it” – Cynthia B. of Chattanooga

W2W - Chattanooga

“I’m in because the policies of Barack Obama coincide with MY core values and deepest, most heartfelt beliefs in what America can be – and I know he can’t do it without my help.” – Rhonda S. of Chattanooga, TN

Rhonda, Emily @ W2W Chattanooga

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