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Women of the Campaign in Michigan: Jenny B.

jenny b

Ann Arbor Team Leader Jenny B. was hard at work Tuesday adding new team members to the database and pulling a list of women to invite to Ann Arbor’s Women to Women phone bank event.

When Jenny first started, she was unsure of what her role would be in the office. She quickly found a place as data lead, working with the office in 2008 and again during the 2010 midterm elections. This year, she was asked to take a step up, and she’s making great strides in her role as the Neighborhood Team Leader for Ann Arbor.

“I love the fact that President Obama has appointed some really terrific women to his administration and that he has successfully confirmed two women Supreme Court Justices. I’m proud to be working for a President that has worked hard to provide equal pay for women through the Lilly Ledbetter Act, among many other policy accomplishments.”

Join us in celebrating the President’s accomplishments for women today at an event near you!

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