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Women Decide 2012 Tour

We've just wrapped up our two day Women Decide 2012 Tour, with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Caroline Kennedy. Yesterday Chairwoman Schultz visited offices across the state, speaking to voters about the clear choice women face in this election. A choice between a President who continues to move America forward and Mitt Romney, a candidate determined to turn the clock back for Granite State women.

Today, Caroline Kennedy continued the tour, stopping off in Portsmouth, Derry, Manchester, Lebanon and Concord encouraging women to come out on Tuesday and vote for a President who has consistently shown he is on their side.

This election will come down to a few votes, votes from Granite Staters that could decide the path this country takes. We must continue to build on the progress we have made over the last four years.

Help us over the next 3 days to win New Hampshire and help secure the future of our country.

Help Get Out the Vote

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