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Women decide 2012

Marching to the polls

Hundreds of women gathered in Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, and Denver to march to the polls and cast their votes for President Obama.

Whether dropping off mail-in-ballots or voting early in person, these women wanted to make their voices heard and have their votes counted right off the bat.

Just voted in ColoradoWhy vote early? Here are just a few great reasons from those who voted this week:

“I wanted to be one of the first out of my family and friends to show them just how important this election really is.”

“I voted early because the rest of my time from now till the election will be spent volunteering and getting others to vote.”

“With my schedule being so busy lately, I knew I was just bound to forget. I voted today to get it out of the way and to show my support early for the President.”

Thousands of Coloradans are already voting early and by mail. Will you join them?

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