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Without a Vote, but Not Without a Voice

Rachel B-Day

Summer Organizer Rachel celebrating her 16th birthday in our LA field office

Rachel will be too young to vote for President Obama this year, but her age isn’t keeping her from having an impact on this election.

Still in high school, Rachel has taken this election into her own hands, dedicating her summer vacation to re-electing President Obama. She volunteers because the issues at stake on November 6th affect her just as much as anyone else.

“I believe everybody should have the same rights regardless of their background or who they are, and I admire the progress President Obama has made advancing equality for numerous groups of Americans.”

As an Organizing Fellow, Rachel has not only been meeting her goals, she has been crushing them. Leading the state in phone calls, she has also run successful phone banks, and is constantly recruiting new volunteers. Although her achievements make organizing look easy, Rachel is the first to admit that organizing requires a lot of adjustment and hard work.

“My first few days as a Fellow were challenging. Not only did I have to learn new skills, but I also needed to become comfortable with the different aspects of the job. I had never attended a phone bank or made a political phone call; luckily I’ve received a lot of encouragement from an amazing group of staff and volunteer leaders.”

Rachel is especially motivated by the prospects for her own future, as she is fully aware of the many issues at stake in November.

“Having President Obama re-elected is necessary for my future. Everything from the affordability of college, to job opportunities, and even women’s rights is on the line. I’m constantly driven by the ultimate goal of re-electing President Obama, to make sure that our country keeps moving forward.

Rachel’s transformation from a high school student into one of the most effective organizers in California demonstrates the huge impact individuals are having in this campaign. While she may not be able to vote for President Obama, Rachel is playing a decisive role in this election. What are you waiting for? Make a difference today.

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