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With Only A Few Days Left, Why I Volunteer


Four years ago, I was standing next to my aunt at an election night party. People were crowded around a television, as pollsters in one state after another called their state for Barack Obama. When Obama’s election was officially confirmed, the place erupted in cheers. I was 14, just starting high school, and I took great pride in knowing that Barack Obama was my President.

Then the media coverage turned to the results of Proposition 8. Knowing that California would continue to define marriage as something only a man and a woman could share, my aunt covered her face in despair. We had come so far, yet still had a long way to go.

The most formative period of my life has coincided with our President turning the country around. I watched as Barack Obama created 5.4 million jobs, while cutting taxes for middle class families by an average of over $2,000. I watched as Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, which will provide health insurance for millions of Americans. And I watched as Barack Obama became the first president to express his support of same-sex marriage. I called my aunt the day he made the announcement, and she was in tears.

Because of the impact his policies have had on my life and the lives of people I love, I knew I had to work to ensure that this President is re-elected. Many times in my life I’ve sat on thesidelines rather than taking action, but this time I felt compelled to become involved in the campaign. I wanted to be able to tell my kids and grandkids that I seized the opportunity to work for the reelection of Barack Obama.

Like most volunteers, I started out slowly, but soon found myself pouring more of my time and energy into the campaign. I first worked weekends with OFA-California, then I was coming in 15-20 hours a week. Eventually, I became the Southern California Regional Organizing Fellow, and I’ve been working with over a hundred dedicated volunteers in the Fellows program ever since.

Now we only have a few days left. We understand the difference that every call makes and the importance of a few hundred votes. We are all in this together. I want to wake up November 7th to four more years of Barack. Join me this weekend and let’s make it happen.

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