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Wisconsin was ready for Joe, and ready to vote early!

On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden toured two UW campuses here in Wisconsin.


He discussed the growing economy and our responsibility to young americans, veterans and the middle-class. Vice President Biden also touched on what was learned after the debates:

"I hate correcting the President, but Romney's plans aren't 'sketchy' -- they're 'etch-a-sketchy.'"

"We've already created more than 500,000 new manufacturing jobs, more growth in manufacturing since the 1990s... we believe for America to succeed, the middle class has to do well and grow."

"America is better positioned than any country in the world to lead into the 21st century... There's no quit in America."


"We need you," said Joe. Take his advice to vote early and sign up for a GOTV shift so you can help us win this thing on Election Day.

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