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Winnie and Rudolph are IN for Obama 2012! Are You?

We recently went to a local community festival in Lansing to ask people to be IN for Obama 2012. In the middle of the home-baked goods, fried catfish, and summer warmth, we ran into two people who were enthusiastically IN for Obama 2012.

Winnie and Rudolph

"[We] absolutely have to re-elect President Barack Obama; he is one of the best things that is happening to this country. He cares about the real people and is doing everything he can to help us!" said Winnie P.

"Everyone needs to join forces to get President Barack Obama Elected in 2012," said Rudolph R.

We need you to be IN for Obama 2012 and help us reach out into the community to ask your neighbors to be IN as well. Interested? Click here to find events near you!

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