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Watch Wilmer Valderrama tell his immigration story

There are so many reasons we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform. But some of the most compelling arguments I've heard are made from the heart. Hearing stories like this one about why families come to this country, they make the case for reform better than any statistic or figure.

Actor Wilmer Valderrama’s family came from Venezuela to the United States, and he recorded a short video with OFA to candidly share why he’s fighting for immigration reform. Watch Wilmer tell his story:

For families like Wilmer's, the fight for comprehensive immigration reform is about the American dream. As he puts it, "We've been ready for reform for a long time."

Senators from both sides of the aisle came together and passed reform last year, and so far, we've seen nothing but inaction and excuses from Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor in the House. Their inaction is holding us back, and the cost is real—for our economy and for our families.

Take a minute to share Wilmer's story, pass it along, and be part of the conversation on immigration reform.

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