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Will You Help Get This Campaign Started?

Yesterday, we launched the campaign to re-elect Barack Obama as President of the United States. I'm here in Chicago, where there are just a few of us getting things set up – but thanks to the positive online responses and infectious energy from the announcement, this mostly-vacant office is clicking on all cylinders. Across the country, via Facebook, Twitter, email, over phones and in person, supporters are coming together to tell the President and their friends and neighbors, “I’m in.”

Will you join them?

As Field Director, I’m charged with helping to build and manage the campaign’s online and offline field program. From yesterday through November 6, 2012, the driving force behind this campaign is the belief that ordinary people, working together, have the power to change their communities and, ultimately, the country.

The first step is to ask supporters if they’re “in.” As the campaign rolls on, staff and volunteers will conduct one-on-one meetings to hear what people think about the President, where we are as a country, and what they want from this campaign. In fact, I already started calling volunteers yesterday.

It’s a long journey that starts small and will build over time.

But the first step is to let us know that you’re in for 2012. Then, will you tell us why?

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