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Will you give your time?

Volunteering for Obama for America definitely has its perks. Last week, I joined supporters of California Congresswoman Barbara Lee and President Obama at Oakland headquarters for an exciting event. The Congresswoman was scheduled to speak, but was unavailable because she had a more important calling that day. She was in Washington to cast her vote for the American Jobs Act.

Instead, Patrick Gaspard, the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee spoke to us. Gaspard enlightened us all on what we can do to support the President’s campaign. After his remarks, he started an open dialogue with the group. We didn’t let him off easy; we asked him tough questions about the President’s progress and campaign ahead of him. He responded by challenging us right back. He called on the crowd to tell their members of congress to push for the type of change we know is possible. Now that’s a challenge I am eager to accept.


Mr. Gaspard put everything into perspective for me. He said that the majority of Americans want to hear from a President who aims to unite, not divide. That sentiment really resonated with me along with everyone in the room. We realized that unity was the reason all of us were together in the first place. Another volunteer noted that we need to be bold. Anyone who supports President Obama needs to stand up to those who fight against our progress, and loudly say that we need change! In that instant, the room felt charged and challenged. We knew that our time, our voices, and our votes are the President’s boldness; we are the legs on which he stands. Gaspard ended on that note, leaving a lingering question behind: Will you give your time, your vote, and your voice?

Be the President’s legs. Join us at a campaign event in Northern California today.

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