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Wisconsinites Support Barack Obama Because....

We asked people before President Obama's speech in Milwaukee – “What's at stake this election?” These were some of their responses:

"I wouldn’t be able to support anyone who didnt treat everybody equally first and foremost, before any other decision."
"Strengthening the middle class is really important. Big tax breaks to corportations doesn’t help that."
"It’s a living wage and benefits, that's what we’re about -- and to take that away from the worker is unacceptable. We’ve been stepped on -- this “trickle down” stuff does not work. We sit and wait -- and wait and wait. The middle class needs to come out and say that “trickle down” is no more."
"I have private insurance, and I’d like everyone to have the same kind of coverage that I do. We’re a pretty wealthy country and we can afford that. It should be a basic essential for everybody. I like social security the way it is now, and not a voucher. No vouchercare for me."

If you support President Obama, make sure you’ve got his back and commit to vote today.

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