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Why Wisconsinites Support the Obamas

We had a chance to ask to some Wisconsinites prior to the First Lady’s speech on Friday about the issues that are important to them today. Here are some of their responses:

“Obamacare is vital, there are just so many kids and special needs children without healthcare, and we need to maintain it otherwise thousands of lives are going to be affected by this.” –Nancy

“I’m really happy about how Michelle is going all out as far as wives of servicemen and their families, it’s really a good idea to support them when they need it, after all of the support they have given us.” –Tom

“Education is my primary concern, making it affordable for everyone and making sure that we are backing our teachers.” –Cindy

Barack and Michelle are a team Wisconsinites can count on. If you have their back, be sure to commit to vote today!

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