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Why we organize

This Friday, student leaders from 15 schools will meet in Madison for our College Democrat Leadership Summit.

Together, we’re going to learn important skills, like how to - grow our teams on campus, use social media to reach students effectively, and build an infrastructure that will help re-elect the President.

We are organizing our campuses to ensure that every student knows the facts about President Obama’s accomplishments – like:

  • creating 4.4 million new jobs
  • providing health insurance to 2.5 million young Americans
  • ending the war in Iraq
  • becoming the first President to support equal rights for LGBT Americans

Wisconsin college students want a President who shares our vision of America - an America with no discrimination and equality of rights and opportunity. We need a President who says what can “we” accomplish together. Only one candidate truly believes in this vision for America - President Barack Obama.

This is why we organize, why we’ll fight for the President, and why students will stand with President Obama just like they did in 2008 - but we need your help. When you come back to campus this fall, join your College Democrats chapter and Students for Barack Obama team, get involved, and help make history with us.

Together, we’re going to fight for progressive ideals and re-elect a man who has done tremendous things for students and this country.

Don't wait until you get back on campus to get involved - find out what's going on in a community near you this summer.

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