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Why I'm a Father for Obama

As a father on President Obama's team here in Wisconsin, I have to spend the majority of my time away from those I love most, but I do it because:

  • I have been personally affected by our broken health care system before President Obama reformed our health care system. I was underemployed and saw what my dad had to go through because he could not afford insurance.
  • As a father, I know education is the great equalizer. It is a core principle to the promise of this country, and a pathway for young people to achieve success and realize their dreams. As a father I want to do whatever is necessary to ensure that my children have access to a quality education.
  • Fathers can't forget the mothers -- women’s equality is imperative. So many talented, strong women were instrumental in making me the man I am today. The hard work of these women should be valued the same as mine.

Before I became an organizer, I was a health insurance salesman, and every day I heard from hard working Americans, some in tears, because they had to choose to either pay their mortgage or pay for health insurance they needed to provide care for their loved ones. These weren’t people looking for a free handout. These were folks that went to work every day, wanted to be responsible and were willing to pay a reasonable rate to provide protection for their families.

We have a president who cares about ordinary Americans, listens to regular folks and fights for us every day.

I started as a volunteer in 2007 because I sincerely felt that then-Senator Obama was exactly what this nation needed. He didn’t just talk the talk but he walked the walk. I realized that if I wanted change that I had to stand up and be the change.

My work today for President Obama is my contribution to my sons’ future and the future of other families to make sure our nation lives up to the American promise. I’m proud to work for President Obama. I share his vision of America and I am proud to set the same example for my sons that my father set for me.

I miss my family terribly, but I do this work for them. I have to do everything I can do to make sure we get there for the sake of my sons, because I don’t want there to be any ceilings on their dreams or the dreams of their children.

This weekend we celebrate Father’s Day and share the stories of fathers here in Wisconsin and why they support President Obama. Read more about the work President Obama has done on education, health care and for equality by clicking here.

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