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When It Comes to What's Right for Female Students, Barack "Knows What's Up."

"I was raised by a single parent, who as a teacher was at the mercy of state budget cuts. So when looking into my education, I relied on pell grants to get me enrolled for my freshmen year."
"I hope to be able to continue my education, afford several more years of college, and continue into law school. I appreciate that Barack and Michelle had similar beginnings -- they both had to pave their own way with student loans. That humility, empathy -- he just gets it. He knows what's up, his personal struggles guide his policies."
"I started getting involved in grassroots efforts on campus because I loved attending the events, especially meeting Kal Penn on campus and going to the president's rally last week."
"In his speech, I really liked that he wants to recruit more math and science teachers -- it will do wonders for the nation as a whole and help future generations compete on a global scale. As my friends and I worry about getting a job straight out of school, I know that our president is fighting to keep loans down so we're not hindered out the gate, and as a young woman I'm confident we're going to get a fair shot and fair pay for the work we do."
"To make that happen, I just became an SRD so I can register voters in my dorm. It's really cool - and hands on! It's exciting to go through my community and talk to people. As a freshman, it's a great way to get out and meet more people, and I get to see their interest and curiosity when I say 'I’m helping the president.'"

Learn more about becoming a Special Registration Deputy or “SRD” like Emily and get the information you need to cast your ballot on Election Day at

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