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We’ve got to govern for the future

Last week, Governor Duval Patrick joined supporters at a local coffee shop in Madison to talk about the future of health care for themselves and the next generation. Around the table, many knew the impact that health care reform was already having in their lives, whether from the savings they saw on prescription drugs or their children or grandchildren now having access to health care as young adults. Many also voiced their concerns about what they were hearing from the Romney-Ryan campaign, knowing the cuts Congressman Ryan has proposed for Medicare to turn it into a voucher system.

Governor Patrick shared his experience with health care reform in Massachusetts and talked about how the Affordable Care Act protects seniors, their families, and the next generation by ensuring cost containment and “incentivizes wellness over sickness.”

Carol J., of Middleton, WI asked the Governor about the “donut hole” and how to explain what the Affordable Care Act does to address this issue that so many seniors face:

The donut hole gets closed so that the value to a senior who has a lot of medications is thousands of dollars. And that’s been a problem for a long time, and now it’s been solved.”

Rick B, is a small business owner from Brooklyn, WI, and talked about the misinformation around the impact of Romney-Ryan’s Medicare reform:

I’m hearing Ryan and Romney talking about how nobody on Medicare right now will be affected, and that it’s not going to be implemented for many years, but that’s just simply not true... they’re not being honest.”

He went on to share how his mother, in a nursing home, will rely on Medicaid to help cover her living costs when her own funds and resources run out. Medicare reform also makes cuts to Medicaid, and as a result, the people who use Medicaid.


Governor Patrick talked more about the lasting impact the Affordable Care Act will have on the next generation and how the Romney-Ryan plan leaves little to support the future generations.

“We’ve got to govern for the future – we have to govern for the next generation.”

Linda P, of Madison shared this same concern with her own family in mind:

Ryan and Romney were talking about health care and they were saying nobody over 55 is going to be kicked out, we’re going to keep it for you. And I’m sitting there thinking wait a minute - I have children in there 40’s, I’m concerned about them too. I don’t think seniors are so focused on ourselves that they aren’t thinking about the next generation.”

Sign on to voice your opposition to the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare and repeal the progress we’ve made to ensure affordable, accessible health care to families across Wisconsin.

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