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We're a Team


Nancy is Kewaskum’s team leader and volunteer extraordinaire. She is committed to re-electing President Obama every way she can.

Although she works full-time, Nancy remains active with voter registration drives in Milwaukee. To top it off, Nancy's passion for community organizing and social equality has rubbed off on her granddaughter, Meghan.

Meghan was an OFA-WI fellow this spring and joins her grandmother at county events and helps canvass in Milwaukee to help register and educate voters.

"My grandma is awesome – she’s so open-minded," says Meghan. "Volunteering on the campaign is something she introduced me to that we can do together, and it’s fun! She's taught me to be an educated advocate for women’s rights. I also promote LGBT rights and equal rights to all Americans."
"I hope we get more time to do this type of work together," says Nancy. I truly believe in women's choice, women’s rights and combating those who want to defund valuable community resources like Planned Parenthood."

Nancy and Meghan inspire each other. Get involved and get inspired to champion the causes that are important to you.

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