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Voices From Bascom Hill

Bascom Hill brought Wisconsinites from across the state together – from students to community members both young and old. Several fired up badgers shared with us why they support President Obama.

“The direction we take the economy is of course a focus, but if you are talking about why I support Obama is that he’s slowed the war in Afghanistan and brought it to an end in Iraq. I trust him in terms of foreign policy matters.” – Doug

Post 2 Pic 1_Web_Raj
“My daughter has Down Syndrome, and because of the Affordable Care Act she can never be denied coverage.” – Raj

“I’m a firefighter and the issues that are important to me are pensions, our safety on the job and keeping staffing on board. I’m spreading the word that Obama stands behind firefighters”. – Steve

“It’s not 1950. A lot of stuff that his opponent is saying doesn’t make sense." – Jaquisna G.

These Wisconsinites are going to make their vote count this November. What are you doing to make an impact?

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