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VIDEO: Russ Feingold on Romney/Ryan's Fuzzy Math

Former Senator Russ Feingold knows Wisconsin, and knows what's at stake this election.

"Since he (Rep. Ryan) was selected as the vice presidential candidate, he’s starting to lose his reputation as a straight shooter. Let me put it this way: his speech at the Republican convention had… a tenuous relationship with the truth."

"President Obama and Vice President Biden want to grow our economy out from the middle class, not down from the top – so that we’ll have an economy built to last, one where everyone’s got a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone – from Wall Street to Main Street – plays by the same rules."

President Obama and Vice President Biden have engaged other countries internationally with strength and grace. It’s been a tumultuous time in Wisconsin. The other side thinks they might have the advantage. But they're wrong."

Senator Feingold has the President's back this November. Hear about what else Janesville knows about Rep. Ryan, then get to the polls and cast your ballot for Team Obama-Biden.

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