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Student Organizers Vote Early

Ready to cast your ballot for Team Obama–Biden?

These students definitely are. Hear from organizers about why they’re working to re-elect President Obama:

"President Obama represents the American people. The biggest reason to get out and vote is because, as a student, it can get really hard to do the easiest and most important thing to do when you are young: vote. So why not taking 5 minutes and do it?" -Ann

"Barack Obama has a good vision and plan for young people to make sure they are set to go when they graduate from college." -Aliza

"I can’t vote this election because I'm too young, but I can still make my voice heard by volunteering my time and educating others about the issues that matter to me. People can show how important this election is by showing up and voting early." –Amelia

"Keeping President Obama in office is important to me because I know he's going to keep affordable education as a top priority. It's important to vote early because you get to do something before anyone else and say 'hey, I was the first one'." -Gabbie

"Barack Obama has done so much for young women in regards to equal pay and equal cost for healthcare. I’m excited to vote early because I get to be an example to the rest of the United States." -Janel

Find out what you need to do to vote early beginning October 22nd by visiting

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