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Student. Leader. Organizer.


Laura has a neon green bracelet on her wrist and won’t take it off. She’s had it on since last Thursday. It was her green light to meet First Lady Michelle Obama in Milwaukee.

“She told me the base of the campaign was volunteering. I didn’t realize until she mentioned it, but Barack’s opponents have the big money to flood the airwaves with misinformation, so our voices are more important than ever. And if we don’t use our voice and talk to people about what’s important to us, it may be that only rich candidates will be able to run for office, and that’s not a good representation of America.”

Laura is a neighborhood team leader entering her junior year of high school. So even if she can’t vote herself, she’s doing everything she can to protect her future.

“More than any voter, me and my friends have to live with the decisions made today the longest.”

She enjoys the little stuff in school that makes a difference: starting a club to educate students on the issues, making posters, organizing events – and “fell in love” with phone-banking at her local field office.

“The other week, I spoke with a 90-year-old undecided voter. She tended to vote republican, but wanted to know more information – we talked for 20 minutes. The conversation stayed positive, we shared a lot of values, and in the end she was so glad that together we could work it out.”
“I want high school students to understand how (President Obama) is helping them out, his focus on education, aid with college expenses and his dedication to equal rights.”

Laura can’t yet cast her ballot, but she owns her vote. Organize for your future.

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