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Snowflake Profiles: One thing led to another

Neighborhood teams are the heart of our organizing in Wisconsin. Throughout the state, teams have continued to organize themselves to support President Obama.

The Milwaukee Lower Eastside team began to meet in the Fall of 2011. When they met for the first time at a house party, they were almost all new volunteers. Following their first house party they've continued to grow, by hosting more house parties, team meetings, Special Registration Deputy trainings, and a State of the Union watch party. This has helped to really solidify this team into an organizing force in their community.

Since their first meeting, the Lower Eastside team has been action-oriented and they’ve used their passion for organizing to help their friends and neighbors be ready to vote on Election Day. Since December they have been canvassing and tabling to make sure their neighbors on the Eastside of Milwaukee are registered and prepared to vote.


Why is the Lower Eastside team “IN” for President Obama in 2012?

We believe the re-election of President Obama is critical to ensuring a government that is inclusive, responsive, and truly democratic.

We're continuing to build teams throughout Wisconsin to make our organization stronger. Join a team in your local community to start organizing in your own neighborhood!

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