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Shaping Business from the Ground Up


Growing up, Lindsey worked in his father's small hat store, and after attending college and graduate school, Lindsey decided to put those skills to work. He turned a self-constructed coffee shop and a heap of burlap bags into a two profitable businesses.


Lindsey says he is a "Do-it-yourself" type of person and understands the value of staying local and maintaining the business he has. “I did most of the construction myself, I bought a used coffee roaster. The first 95% you learn real quick, but the last 5 % takes time, art and science.”

Lindsey realizes how much small businesses have at stake in this election.

"I'm worried about both my own healthcare and not being able to give care to my employees. President Obama is the first president I’m aware of that’s gotten us on the road to solving this issue.”

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 89,000 small businesses in Wisconsin are now eligible for tax credits to provide health insurance to their employees. Lindsey is also worried that if President Obama is not reelected, he will have a hard time competing in his industry: “I worry that the rules are being shaped to help corporations at the expense of small businesses like mine.”

President Obama cut taxes for small businesses 18 times, helping them grow and create jobs while lowering their costs. Lindsey is voting for President Obama because he is proud of what the President has already accomplished and has faith that he will "continue to understand and implement policy geared towards small business owners" like himself.

Learn more today about President Obama’s plans to move this country forward and build an economy built to last.

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