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“Reelecting Obama is a Family Affair, This Matters.”

You may recognize Fiona if you were at the UW-Madison event last Thursday with President Obama - she had the vocal skills to sing the national anthem. When Fiona is not practicing falsettos, she is volunteering in her local field office and talking to others about the importance of re-electing Barack Obama for not only their own futures, but for their friends and family as well.

"I've got 4 younger sisters who are all politically active. My youngest sister is ten and she went around last spring knocking on doors. She clearly can't cast a ballot, but this election is about her, and the rest of my sisters' education, healthcare, and environment. This matters.”

"Early vote is an awesome thing and we are lucky enough to have it in Wisconsin. I think we should take advantage of it. I'm voting early because you never know what's going to pop up at the last minute on Election Day. If you vote early: it's done – your voice has been heard."

Cast your ballot starting October 22nd and bring a friend, or your family with you.

But don’t stop there - volunteer as a unit this weekend and help get the word out about early voting.

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