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Ready to go hard in the paint & fired up to support President Obama!

Supporters both young and old came out to McGovern Park in Milwaukee this past weekend for the B-Ballers for Barack 3-on-3 tournament. Whether playing basketball or stopping by to cheer on a favorite team, friends, neighbors and supporters of President Obama came out to have some fun and to get fired up for November.

Bringing communities together is an important part of the organizing neighborhood teams do across the state. We’re invested in the future of our neighborhoods, and that starts with bringing friends and neighbors together to fight for the issues we care about.

Tracey C., OFA-WI's African American Vote Director, talked about why events like these are so important in our local communities:

Events like our B-Ballers for Barack tournament allow us to reach people who may have otherwise never stopped by our offices. By being out in the community, we're able to reach out to new people and make a difference right here at home. We're looking forward to doing more events like this, because there's nothing better than organizing with your friends and neighbors.

At the end of the tournament, Diamonte G., Khalif R., Larentez D., and Freddie W. brought home the win - but they didn't stop there. They're fired up to own their vote in November and so should you. Find out how you can get involved in your community and join the action this weekend.

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