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Providing Tax Relief to those who need it

When Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, Wisconsin knew that the majority would not be represented in his policies.

The Romney-Ryan top-down approach provides trillions in tax breaks skewed to the wealthiest Americans, and to pay for it, burdens the middle-class. Ultimately — Ryan's own proposal would let Romney pay less than one percent in taxes.

According to nonpartisan tax experts, it would cost middle-class families with children an average of more than $2,000 a year to pay for budget-busting tax cuts for millionaires like Romney. Middle class families pay more, and critical investments like education, energy, infrastructure, veterans and Medicare are deeply cut.

"Nothing trickles down — it just doesn't work."
—Tom, who's worked at a paper mill in Kaukauna, WI for 43 years.

How would your family be affected? Use this quick Tax Calculator to find out.

President Obama knows that providing tax relief to those who need it is the right thing to do.


Stand with the candidate in this race who’s cut taxes for small businesses 18 times. Stand with the candidate with vision.

Being President, unlike running a business, is not only about profit. It's about raising up a nation. Stand with President Obama, who wants to provide tax relief to those who need it most.

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