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People of Faith for Obama: An Empowerment Ministry

Pastor Ken and faith leaders across the country lift their voices to support President Obama because of the values they share.


"Any faith community is a part and presence in their direct community. We must do our part to engage with the issues that impact our neighbors."

Pastor Ken, of Milwaukee, WI, is an organizer in his community because he sees empowerment in education and employment.

"The idea that resonates with me is that a nation measures greatness by how we care for those at the bottom. President Obama is concerned about the people, and not just the investments of corporations.”

To support the needs of the local community, Pastor Ken's church provides a hot meal to neighbors on Wednesdays, a free health clinic and a career center. He uses these moments as an opportunity to work at the local level - connecting small businesses with hard-working members of the community that otherwise would not have a shot. For a lot of the people he works with, he sees it in their character:

"For a lot of people employment is a measure of self-worth. For those that want the opportunity and are fortunate enough to get that chance... it shifts their entire outlook on life."
"I see President Obama standing up for them and helping shape an economy that offers opportunities to those that want to contribute. I think he's doing a wonderful job, he makes the hard decisions because they are the right thing to do, not just politically expedient."

Years ago, his clinic and services at the ministry reached a fever pitch. Now he sees his community moving forward in a positive direction, with more work to be done. To Pastor Ken, that is represented in 29 months of continuous national job growth and the Affordable Care Act being upheld.

"Medical care is not a privilege, and to see people that have to choose between food for their family or medicine for their own health... it changes your perspective. Health care reform was an amazing accomplishment, and to those resistant, they need to come here and see it on the ground. Those hardships are unconscionable. Politicians opposed have the healthcare, and those they labor for should have the same."

To move forward, it starts with informing and educating.

"Parents should demand their children's schools be the best schools, because education creates options. Similarly, we need to be aware of the issues and use our voice to create positive change in the community. That starts with making sure we are registered to vote and are no longer marginalized. Voting is how you and I participate and make your voice known."


People of Faith for Obama is a place for people of faith to organize and lift their voices in support of President Obama and our shared values. Make your voice heard and find a way for you to get involved in your community. You can make a difference in making sure President Obama can continue to move this country forward.

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